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We are visionary in the production of Film, documentary, TV Show and digital content.

Local or international film production

Developed for over 15 years at Forge Films, our film and documentary productions benefit from an outstanding expertise.

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Operation Luchador

Film production

The Great Trails

TV Show

Candy Lawrence

Short Film

Welcome to Forge Films

We use cutting edge technology and state of the art methods

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Film Production

Production of feature films or short films, our team is involved in several productions throughout the year and this for a long time.

TV Show

An exciting story can be presented in several episodes. Bringing the world to life or capturing people’s attention episode after episode.

Documentary Production

Real life often surpasses fiction, putting these subjects and stories into images is a challenge we face with confidence.

Digital content and Multi-platform delivery

Content creator and idea designer. Know how to imagine and present the most effective message adapted to the broadcasting platform

An experienced and innovative team, no effort is spared to complete each of our productions.

We built the best team from the ground up


Featured Projects

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TV Show

The Great Trails : Living Winter

Film production

On the set of Operation Luchador movie

Short Film

Short Film Production


Festival Romerías de Mayo Cuba

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Awards and Film Festivals

Filmfest Bremen

2021, Germany

AWGIE awards

2019, Australia

Zee cine awards

2018, India

Clarín awards

2019, Argentina

Cannes Film Festival

2014, France

Festival de cine Don Torcuato

2018, Argentina

Magnolia Film Festival

2012, United States

Lauritzen award

2018, Denmark

Filma Oviedo Film Festival

2013, Spain

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