Being told no is very common in the world of film and television production, you need to have strong shoulders.

The beginning of Forge Films was and still is motivated by a dream, a dream to produce our vision of things and present it to the greatest number of people, but the path to this dream was strewn with pitfalls and to some extent it still is.

The first television series we produced was after many rejections, at the beginning Forge Films did not exist, the founder, Richard Duquette, had decided to go see producers in the Montreal area to see what interest they had, of course they all said no. The important thing is not to give up.


Don’t start your first series with the hope of making a fortune, but rather to be recognized among your peers.

After having lived the failure and the rejection with various producers, it was necessary to think perhaps of being self-produced, that is to say to become our own producer and it is what it happened, Forge Films was created.

Now it’s time to go to the broadcasters, in fact they are the keystone of this whole industry, some broadcasters told us no, but as some producers, they gave us advice, they saw that we were determined to break into the television business, but we still lacked something.  So with each rejection, we improved our concept and presentation, until one day a broadcaster said yes. With several conditions and a minimal budget.  Of course, we said yes to all the conditions, the important thing was to get the signature at the bottom of the contract.

And now the Production begins

Once the concept was approved, it was time to start this new television series.   Getting the various contracts signed with the host, hiring a production assistant, completing the research for the various subjects and locations that will be visited and making sure that the shooting schedule is complete and that we have enough attitude to deal with any eventualities and problems that may arise during the production stage.

Here is our first television series: The Great Trails : All Around Québec

Doors are locked only because you don’t have the right key, you have to search for it because it exists.

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