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Welcome to Forge Films Mining and Natural Resources documentary film.

We produce documentary films for companies to highlight their efforts and innovations in a competitive and constantly evolving market.

Be heard and presented in a manner worthy of your involvement in the development of our society. Don’t let others speak for you.


Documentary films on mining and natural resources.

Forge Films

We produce corporate documentaries based on years of experience in film and documentary production.

  • Staff recruitment

  • New project development

  • Shareholder presentation and AGM

  • Public Acceptance
  • Documentaries on resource use

With years of experience in documentary series, film and TV commercial production, we have developed techniques in order to fully understand the subject at hand. Having also worked with businesses, we understand the imperatives and challenges that companies face in order to succeed in their respective markets.

Corporate documentaries give companies the opportunity to present their challenges and successes to shareholders, and ultimately the rest of the world, using visuals and specific formats adapted to optimal information retention.

Corporate documentaries can also be used as a dynamic series where we take the viewer through not just a viewing experience, but through the perspective of his own role as a protagonist in his own day-to-day work. The viewer becomes the focus and star of his own series, the story of his own work.

We produce corporate documentaries based on years of experience in film and documentary production.


From the air: a global view

Yielding better results than certified pilots, our drone operators are above all experienced filmmakers.

We excel at

Drone videography: story-telling that offers an all-encompassing vision of achievements.

For a greener world, we need…

cadmium, copper, tin, zinc, graphite, lithium, magnesium, nickel, gold, etc.

The world needs you. Let us help you say it loud and clear.

New project developments

In recent years, in the wake of new technological developments, countless new mineral extraction sites and natural resource projects have been under way. Whether they are exploratory, small or astronomical, it is important to document progress and be noticed as a leader in the industry. In today’s world, everything is told in images. If you are proud of your accomplishment(s) and all the efforts put forth to bring any new project to life, let us assist you in producing one or more corporate documentary films. Whether it is a long format or a series of short presentations for the web, whether it is for the general public, partners or future investors, we ensure to go beyond your vision, by bringing out relevancy and pertinence to your story-telling.

Shareholder presentation and AGM

Give your business partners, investors and overall shareholders a clear and entertaining view of current and future projects. Annual meetings include such topics as company performance, market positioning, mergers and acquisitions, as well as strategy, future vision, and transformation. In addition to paper presentations, PowerPoint or keynotes, give viewers a lively and dynamic version of where, how and why their money is invested. A corporate documentary is a crucial and attractive means of conveying information. Make your shareholders and investors vibrate and dream through visuals they will remember.

Invest in the most innovative technologies.

The world’s most innovative companies use resources you provide to build stunning technologies.

Show them how you are helping to make tomorrow’s world possible

Public Acceptance

Extraction of natural resources and raw materials often takes place in remote locations that are either not easily accessible to the general public, or not accessible at all. The public has little information about what companies do and therefore has difficulty comprehending, and even less imagining, the commitment and importance of these companies. Public acceptance documentaries are a means to realistically portray the efforts and methods deployed for the extraction of minerals or natural resources. They also use technological advances such as mining waste cleaning, natural rehabilitation, site cleanup, processing of mineral and hazardous material, use of green and auto-sufficient energy, etc., and their daily use found in home and work products.

Public acceptance documentaries are an effective and entertaining way to attract any viewer.

Resource Usage Documentaries

Extraction of minerals and natural resources has always been one of the foundations of the development of our civilization, both in the construction of buildings and for everyday tools. Minerals and natural resources are used in a wide range of tools and devices that we use daily such as appliances, televisions, smart phones, electric cars, computers etc…

Documentaries exploring the use of natural resources can cover a wide range of topics. However, they are mostly focused on the chain of transformation of the raw material and the processed products ready to sell to the general public.

Showcase the extent of your commitment to ensure your involvement in the supply chain of minerals and natural resources.

For thousands of years, Master Builders have shown the way.

From the quarry to the world’s largest city, the earth has given us means to erect buildings that have lasted for centuries.

From sculptural art to architectural art, the new shape from a simple stone block is revealed under the craftsmanship of the Artist.


We built the best team from the ground up.

Our producers, directors, cinematographers, and technicians are passionate about their work. They take pride in offering you the best in the film and documentary industries.

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Real life often surpasses fiction, putting these subjects and stories into images is a challenge we face with confidence.  Passionate about documentaries, we put our know-how at the service of the story.

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